dedakj 1-7L oxygen concentrator for home use with high oxygen purity free shipping

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  • High oxygen concentration with strong stability
  • German tech, high quality, affordable price
  • Compact design and light weight, easy to move
  • Working quietly, less than 45db
  • free shipping

dedakj portable oxygen concentrator for home use with nebulizer

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What is important for a  home oxygen concentrator?

 It must be that the user can know the concentrators’ working conditions.  There is a LED touch screen can show all datas about the machine, such as the flow, oxygen concentration, working time,the user can know the conditions better.  If there is anything going wrong, the alarm system allows you have enough time to handle with it.

The oxygen purity is up to 90%, the oxygen flow is 1L-6L and can work 24/7 without interruption, which can meet user’s demand at home.  The working noise is below 45db, it’s hard to feel it even you are sleeping.

dedakj oxygen concentrator specifications Model DE-1LW

  • size: 340 x 180 x 310mm
  • sound level: 40-45 db
  • oxygen flow: 1-7 LPM (adjustable)
  • max oxygne purity: 90%(±3%)
  • oxygen concentration: 30%-90%(±3%) adjustable
  • Anion output: 600 Million/CM3 
  • controle method: 20 meters infrared remote or LED screen
  • with nebulizer function
  • rated power(W): 130W
  • weight: 6.0kg

product benefits and features:

  • Several filters and high-grade France Molecular Sieve guarantee oxygen purity
  • Quiet operation with high quality German conpressor, working noise below 45db
  • Sustainable steable working with high oxygen purity
  • Atomization function,user don’t need to buy a Nebulizer
  • Sensitive alarm system to notice the user if anything wrong
  •  Negative ion 600 Million/CM3 per second
  • Clear display with LED screen and easy controls by remote
  • Compact construction gives the O2 concentrator small size
  • lightweight, which can be moved to anywhere easily

Applications of home oxygen concentrators

  • People with Respiratory system diseases or COPD, oxygen machine can help them to get the oxygen they need in blood
  • Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular diseases, help them to increase the oxygen concentration in the body
  • Pregnant women, elderly people or heavy mental worker, the oxygen therapy can help them to improving immunity and increase energy
DE-1LW oxygen screen
oxygen concentration chart
DEDAKJ Accessory


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