5L medical reliable medical oxygen concentrator with atomization function

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  • 5L medical oxygen concentrator (93%±3%)
  • several filters make sure high oxygen purity
  • easy to move with wheels
  • inbuilt nebulizer,convenient to use

5L medical oxygen concentrator is widely used in home-use health care and medical treatment,  high oxygen purity 93%+3% can help user to get enough oxygen in blood.

When you have shortness of breath or pneumonia caused by COVID-19, or need a huge supply of oxygen, the 5L oxygen concentrator is perfect for you to do oxygen therapy at home or hospital and keep you more comfortable and safer.

product benefits and features:

  • Eight-stage filtration and strong adsorption Molecular Sieve guarantee oxygen purity, medical standard at 93%(+3%)
  • Good for home and hospital use
  • Working Quietly with high quality German conpressor, Ideal for user while sleeping
  • Sustainable stable working with high oxygen purity
  • Sensitive alarm system to notice the user if anything wrong
  • Inbuilt Atomization function, convenient for users and don’t need to buy a Nebulizer
  • Clear display with LED screen and easy controls by remote
  • with wheels, which can be moved to anywhere easily
  • Low power consumption and maintance-free

Specifications of 5L medical oxygen concentrator

  • Size: 330*380*600mm
  • Max oxygne purity: 93%(+3%) at 5L/min
  • Oxygen flow : 0L-5L/min adjustable
  • Oxygen generation method: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Atomization rate:≥0.2ml/min
  • Working Noise: less than 45db
  • Voltage: 220V or 110V
  • Net weight: 18KG

Applications of 5L medical oxygen concentrators

  • People with Respiratory system diseases, lung diseases or COPD, medical oxygen machine can help them to get the oxygen they need in blood
  • Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular diseases, help them to increase the oxygen concentration in the body
  • Pregnant women, elderly people or heavy mental worker, the oxygen therapy can help them to improving immunity and increase energy
  • People need 5L/M high purity oxygen whole day

110V, 220V


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